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away and is either white or hispanic. san francisco police are still trying to find that gunman and by the way this is the third here in san francisco. >>> well preparations are well underway in washington d.c. for president barack obama's second inauguration ceremony just hours away. torii campbell is covering the ceremony, torii, it looks a little chilly out there, how does it look? >> reporter: yes, it it is a little chilly wait a few and you can see we have got union station coming through metro station and there are quite a few cars where they are not supposed to be. as i mention there'd were already a good number of people on the trains selling good paper goods and also a lot of security as well. there a is quite a lot of police and there appears to be 12,000 sir are you meetings. and a man joining us, wonderful to see you. you were here four years ago, why did you come back this time? >> i came here for the u.s. conference and i decided to stay on. it is a moment of history but it is one of those days, everybody is here it celebratep -- here so celebrate and there is a lo
joins us from san francisco with the new lead in the kevin collins case. good morning, tara. >> reporter: the last person that kevin collins was seen talking to was a tall blond man with a black dog and a person matching that description was a person of interest in the case. used to live at this home here. he has since died. investigators revisiting the case realized that cadaver dogs were never used during the search of a home. san francisco police and fbi agents spent 12 hours out here. they did detect remains under the garage door. this is just blocks from where ten-year-old kevin collins was last seen waiting for a bus after school at masonic and oak back in 1984. >> we were able to pull up the concrete and discovered there were bones located underneath the concrete. medical examiners did respond on scene. they did a preliminary investigation of the bones and they believe it to be animal origin. not human origin. >> reporter: we want to emphasize the people that live in the duplex are not suspects. the man that was a person of interest was questioned after kevin vanished. he had an a
as he takes the issue on the road. >>> plus some people who work in san francisco will get an extra payday. the new program san francisco city attorney plans to announce today and how it could impact you. it's all ahead. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us it's friday, january 25th i'm pam cook. and steve paulson is here. we've been talking about possibility of rain this weekend. what do you think? >> i don't think so, pam. >> okay good. >> a lot of cloud cover. patchy fog. it's very mild. the less you hear and see me, the better. we have mostly cloudy skies. we'll have partly sunny later on. mild, 60s for everybody. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. right now traffic is moving along very well. some of the road work we've had has been picked up. let's go to interstate 880. the traffic here looks very nice as we drive past the coliseum. also the morning commute is looking good in san francisco along northbound 101 although i do see a little bit of road work on one of the ramps to southbound 101. it's very light and not causing a big traffic jam right now. 4:29 let's go bac
good approaching the 880 split. let's go back to the desk. >>> point information about san francisco restaurants -- important information about san francisco's restaurant here is more on the city's move to make restaurants healthy. >> reporter: starting today you will be able to figure out the public health standards and it is all part of the mayor's initiative to make government information easy to access. he hopes he will make it easily citywide. he will be at a conference where he serves as chairman and innovation. the chairman worked with the engineering team to create standards that other city sites and others can use as well. you can see how customers rate it but you can't find out how it is rated by the health department. live from san francisco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> in overnight news, just hours ago the agency announced the boeing 747 dreamliner jets due to safety concerns, it will remain in effect until the battery fires are resolved. >> with the lithium battery, that is a very serious problem. you don't need the -- don't need the real worry of a fire. >> san jos
the morning commute is moving along nicely in san francisco. 4:29 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >>> topping our news this morning an elderly woman was take ton the hospital after firefighters found her after an apartment fire in hay wad. the fire started inside an apartment just about 9:30 last night. fire officials say the fire was put out quickly but they found an unresponsive woman inside. alex savidge just arriving on the scene getting new information for us and he will join us in a bit. >>> also overnight news a car chase became a man hunt on foot when the car overturned in san leandro. the car ended up on its roof. police searched the freeways and nearby streets. we do have calls into the police department to figure out if they found the suspect and why they gave chase in the first place. >>> also overnight power has been restored to thousands of pg&e customers in oakland. pg&e says an under ground explosion and fire at park and mccar there are knocked out power to 5500 homes and businesses. that was about 2:00 this morning. that fire has been put out and power has been f
lanes. also the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza looks good from oakland to san francisco. a very small delay at the toll plaza and off you go in the city. if you are driving on the peninsula it's a nice drive. and no major problems getting into san jose. 4:37 let's go to steve. >>> all right, sal, thank you. a very good morning. clear skies today. although although i kind of noticed a little bit more maybe haze in the air. i think that fog is getting closer and closer to forming. air mass was so, so dry but it's still cold. little patches of fog also tries to pop up near the coast. won't be a factor today. i think it will be going forward. 30s and 20s. walnut creek 29. there is many locations that are already in the 30s. even half-moon bay is 41. oakland 38 degrees. concord 30. we are getting there. higher clouds from yesterday have thinned out. it will be severe and clear. wall to wall sunshine. it's like a caught a fish this big. no it's this big. that's how big the high pressure system is. lots of sunshine. a little warmer toward the bay. santa cruz 62. tomorrow i thin
be careful. northbound is okay on your way to san francisco, but northbound 101 is slow so ywatch out for that. >> -- so watch out for that. >>> sheriff's deputies say he had a live alligator guarding his potato. joining us from oakland, the gator called mr. teeth was taken. >> reporter: good morning, yes, we are just down the street from the alligator and that gator is now being treated. i want to show you a picture of mr. teeth because the gator is getting a lot of attention this morning. this is a cainen alligate and it is five feet long and again it is being treated at the zoo and probably will go into quarentine if it is acid as officials think it is right now. we will take you to unincorporated county -- and they went to this house where this 32-year-old man was living. they say he was on probation and they were doing a random check at the house and you can imagine a random surprise when they looked into one of the bedrooms. >> the alligator wall found in a bedroom to where the marijuana was kept. as soon as you get near the tank, the alligator gets agitated. >> this is the 34 p
not released his name. >>> small business owners in san francisco are concerned about a new program that will end free meter parking rob sundays. the new policy goes into effect this weekend. it will require drivers to pay all metered spots from noon to 6:00 p.m. on sunday. some small business owners tell the examiner that they fear it will actually drive away customers. >>> time now 4:36. sal castaneda back watching the roads for us. how are things looking? >> they look pretty good. traffic is doing well around the bay area. we're not expecting much of a compute today. the way a lot of people still have this week off. we'll see. let's take a look at these pictures to east shore freeway traffic does look good coming out to the mccarthur maze. not a bad drive at all in the bay area. bay bridge toll plaza still looks very nice. driving through into san francisco. it's pretty cold out there. it's also clear. it's good visibility all over the place. in san jose northbound 280 looks good. 4:37 hello steve. >>> sal, how are you? >> i'm well. how are you? >> very well, thank you, sir. clea
for san francisco. [ sirens ] >> our camera caught it at 11:00 last night and we were there and the chase ended at 14th and south haven't any. >>> two people -- vanness. two people crashed into a tree on san jose. authorities described the driver as a young mail adult. why word on what caused the driver to lose control. >>> a fire in san francisco damaged two buildings. it happened in the hayes valley neighborhood and investigators say it started when a christmas tree in between the two flats caught fire. that first is i will up affected and they are pushing the use of stunguns. coming up we will have more on the voices. >>> and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will testify about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. she will testify before the senate and u.s. commissions. four people were killed including chris stevens. they are accusing them of failing to provide adequate security at the consulate. >>> and they have accused steven allan of misconduct. they exam anybodied -- examined e-mails between he and jill kelly and she is the one who complained about extramarital affa
to san francisco. if you are driving in san jose this morning we have a nice looking drive and nots much -- not as much fog. we will talk about the fog with steve right now, 4:38. >> there will still be some, there was pockets of it. it was really thick for a while, some areas struggled to get out, other areas and clouds were increasing and this is the leading edge of the big change in our pattern. temperatures have come up but we are ready to go down and in fact if we get to tomorrow morning, there is no doubt. ridge of high pressure is going down and temperatures will begin to drop off. they will cool down a good 5 to 8 degrees and there could be a few splash and dash showers. it will be cooler tonight and yesterday we topped out on the temperatures and we were on our way down in the temperatures not much in the way tonight but i expect to pick up 50s on the temperatures and get ready for the cold. there could be a few, not really so much over us, i mean there is already a freeze warning for friday. the weekend looks good but they are very, very cool. >> 4:39 more disappointment for an
that is a cal train truck that is damaged right. live here in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> three drivers walked away unharmed after a tree came crashing down on their cars. it happened after 6:00 last night on columbus parkway, several large tree limbs cracked and fell hitting three cars as they drove. >> in shock, i tried to back the car up and i got out and stood there, and remembered how lucky i was i wasn't 3-foot further forward and the thing went through the windshield. >> two cars were damaged while the third continued driving. >>> the fbi is joining the in the search for a petaluma woman missing tahoe. they are triesing the moves of alyssa byrne. tara moriarty is in petaluma where the community is coming together in hopes of finding her. >> we're here at beyond the glory restaurant which is hosting a fundraiser in the search for alyssa byrne and there have been new developments including activity from alyssa's cell phone right before it died. meanwhile, her mother and older brother remain at home in petaluma while her father is up in south lake tahoe where he's
we are looking at the bay bridge and that traffic looks good coming into san francisco. it is 4:29 let's go back to the desk. >>> in over night news the chp is looking to witnesses to a dead latent on a san mateo freeway. three young adults were killed on highway 92 in foster city. tara moriarty tells us about the many questions that surround the tragic crash. tara. >> reporter: the chp doesn't know exactly what caused the crash. we do know it happened here near the foster city boulevard exit. it created quite a traffic jam last night. we're standing several yards away from the actual scene of the accident. but when we drove by earlier, we could see there was still a down power pole. this happened last night shortly before 10:00. investigators shut down two lanes of eastbound 92 and three hours after the driver of what looks like a silver car slammed into the guardrail. the car knocked over a utility pole and a box. the vehicle was virtually unrecognizable after the crash. five people were inside. two people were pronounced dead at the scene. >> it appears the vehicle was travel
on northbound 101 in san francisco, it is 4:29 let's go back to the desk. >> right now police are on the scene of a home invasion and it happened in the city's richmond district. police say the victims were held at gunpoint. we will have a news crew on the way to the scene and we will have more coming up. >>> a search is on for a 19- year-old missing woman who vanished during a new year's eve celebration. in petaluma where the woman worked and went to school, good morning, tara. >> reporter: flyers of alyssa have been posted all over downtown and you can see one right here. as we understand, her father and brother are heading out to pass them out and the girl's father is working with police on trying to find his daughter 19-year-old alyssa has not been seen since new year's eve. she was in the area for snow globe, a three day festival which attracts thousands. she disappeared and said to her friends she was taking a shuttle back to the resort. now facebook page has been set up to find her who worked as a hostess here and was also studying to be a paramedic. she is described as 5-foot 3, 128 po
. according to san francisco police, police want you to keep an eye out for this man. he has a special haircut with a fish design on one side and a lightning bolt on the other side. police say oliver used gas from a cancer at the couple's home and he doused his girlfriend with that gas and set her on fire in the middle of street. they identified her as star lamar. her sister said the couple argued quite a bit but this is still hard to comprehend. >> i still want to know why he did this to my sister and that he should turn himself in and my sister will make a full recovery because she is strong and i know she is strong, she has been through so much. >> the victim's sister said the fight began a few blocks away from the couple's home. the woman wanted to leave their clothes there at the lawn matt and the boyfriend did not like that idea. that is when he went home and got the gas. police say at the burn center, she is being treated for life- threatening injuries and right now police continue to search for her boyfriend identified as dexter oliverian he is still on the run after carrying out that
area with no major problems on this freeway. also if you are looking at the san francisco traffic, traffic looks good to the bay area. let's go back to the desk. >>> it led to a firing of a football coach and we are learning about hazing allegations at a high school in vallejo. here is more at st. vincent. >> reporter: police are learning to talk to students and officials at st. patrick's st. vincent's as well as the archdiocese. and they just learned about it and that it involved an attack on a student and they fired the coach five weeks after he reported the sexual hazing allegations to her. he worked in the saratoga schools and he is a former new york police officer who played college football and started as a coach and teacher here last august. some football players admitted to him in the locker room varsity players had removed their closing and held the other players as they assaulted him. reported five students were also expelled as a result of this and we know that the coach's office is inside the locker room and he would have a pretty good view of what was happening so the
gallon. >>> and san francisco's minimum wage is also going up. people who live in the city will make the highest minimum wage in the nation moving them to $10.29. california is currently $8 per hour. and the voter approved proposition translates to $8 per difference like a new ticket. >> item as a new car will -- a new ticket item as you new car will hold value. the new ordinance affects grocery stores and others that sell food and alcohol, and 51 cities have imposed limits on plastic bags. we will have more on that coming up later today. >>> electric bills are going up 2% and gas rates are going down 6%. lower gas bills will not last and later pg&e will raise prices for upgrades. >>> the alert means it is illegal to burn anything in a wood stove or any other wood burning tee advice. tara is filling in for sal, i understand there is a few accidents out there this morning? >> yes, already. we have a vehicle which slammed into two parked cars and in fairfield a car has gone down the end beigement and this -- embankment and we'll see if they are alcohol-related crashes. in the east shor
on bay area residents. average rents in the east bay peninsular san francisco were nearly unchanged in the 4th quarter of last year. average rents it decide as for the leveling off. >>> one of the big story lines is two brothers coaching against each other. but jim harbaugh wants the focus to be elsewhere. >> they are the ones who have the most to do with it and they are the ones we should been talking about. they will probably exchange a few text messages but they will prepare for the meeting in new orleans. >>> they are counting down for the super bowl sunday and san francisco police are also getting ready for the super bowl game after after the championship game on sunday, there could be a lot more trouble after ending in the dark >> when it is at nighttime, people tend to drink a little bit more. >> police are also studying tapes of the nighttime riots that won the world series in october. rowdy fans torched a $700,000 muni bus. >>> the leader is fighting to keep the sacramento kings in sacramento. steinberg is angry he is buying the team. now they want to make all public dollar
for appearance fees there. >>> and in the san francisco bay, investigators now say the bar pilot made a last minute turn just before the tanker swiped the -- sideswiped the bridge. they are not clear on what caused the change in course. it caused $7 million to the bridge and to the ship. >>> in just a few minutes we will find out what facebook's secret is. they are making an announcement that members of the community are guessing. it included the line come see what we are building. some experts predict it will be a new smart phone or search service and we will find out at 10:00 this morning. >>> they want to name it after supervisor harvey milk. he needs the support of five other supervisors to put the question on the november ballot. if approved, it would be the first airport honoring an openly gay person. milk was shot by dan white back in 1978. >>> a freeze warning is in effect. last night downtown church san jose reached out to the homeless and they are getting more and more emergency calls as people are trying to keep warm. if you are using a space heater, keep it three feet from anythi
to offer remits by requiring universal background checks even on private gun sales. >>> the san francisco 49ers now know they will face the atlanta falcons for the right to go to the super bowl. the falcons got to the nfc championship game by beating the sea hawks on a late field goal after giving up a 20-point lead on the field goal. the 49ers will have to travel to atlanta for sunday's game. sports stores back here in san francisco were busy this weekend with fans snapping up any 49ers gear they could. especially collin kaepernick jerseys. >> they are doing their thing and playing their best ball right now. >> now collin kaepernick touchdown celebration sparked a new trent called kaepernicking. he flexes his arm and kisses his bicep which is covered in tattoos. he has retweeted several pictures of fans giving their example of the celebration. our coverage begins after mornings on 2 with nfl championship chase at 10:00 a.m.. and kick off is just after noon. you can find more on the 49ers super bowl quest on the playoffs tab at ktvu.com. new england patriots will host the ravens after bea
the shooting in san francisco. >>> it is part of an ongoing fire side hang out and it is a take on the famous fire side chats on the radio, but the vice-president is coming up with ways to reduce gun violence and the 30 minute online forum begins at 10:30. a.m. >>> kerry is expected to testify before the senate committee that he served on for 28 years and kerry will appear before the senate foreign relations committee starting at 7:00 our time and he is expected to be easily confirmed by his senate colleagues. political analysts could mark a turning point in governor jerry brown. he will deliver the state address and they expect an optimistic speech that looks forward. he successfully approved a campaign tax hike and he has a chance to establish a legacy and is expected to talk about high speed rail and a controversial plan to move tunnels through the southerland and through the delta. >>> we will stream in on our mobile platforms. apple was not what people expected. iphone sales leveled off and growth is slowing. they deinfluenced any -- denounced any new ideas and they said it is filled wit
bars will run specials on game day and at the nfl shop at pier 39 hot item is san francisco answer to the cheese head. a $40, 49ers gold nugget head. tune to ktvu tomorrow for complete game day coverage. we begin our coverage with playoff play book at 4:00. and foxes pregame show at 4:30. kickoff just after 5:00. don't forget after the game you can join sports director mark eastbound these for the point after. >>> 4:37 is the time. hopefully sal during that show we're talking about a really great win for the 49ers. >> you and me both, pam. we'll see about that. it's going to be a tough one. let's go out -- let's start all over again. let's take a look at the pictures. we did have that earlier accident we were talking about eastbound 80. that crash has been cleared. we have flairs that are still burning out on the eastbound side. for the most part traffic is light. westbound traffic looks pretty good heading out past the scene. you'll see traffic moving well to the bay bridge toll plaza. at the toll plaza it is light getting into san francisco. we're also looking at the peninsula an
at the commute into san francisco. and if you are driving in san jose, this is a look at 280 traffic and traffic is looking good getting to san jose, let's go to steve. >>> fog everybody, thick, thick, thick, advisory for fog out towards the delta and fairfield, it can be really tough as you get that easterly breeze. sunny and warm i have not said this in awhile. and we have radiational fog, wintertime fog and it is not just inland. 30s and 40s and there is a lot of moisture in there but a sign of our changes and patchy fog, this will be the warmest day of the week by a mile because we start to cool it down tomorrow and then very cool air comes in on friday and saturday, it was march of a cold damp fog 50s and 060s, -- 60s, mid-60s san jose, oh, my goodness, get the sun block out. if there was any snow it would be down under 1,500 feet and there is not a lot of moisture. there is a ton of cold air and we will take that to friday. pam, brian? >>> the man a used, the emotional testimony the judge heard as the judge will decide if james holmes will go on trial. >>> a man walks free, why the man was
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